The book: ‘Thyroid and Graves’ disease unmasked. Lifelong health management’ aims to unmask Graves’ disease and uncover the truth about autoimmune disorders. If you have questions about thyroid health, you can find the answers here. The concepts presented in the book are backed up with a current scientific research references and intertwined with personal feelings and experiences. The book connects the dots and explains the relationship of stress, gut health, digestion, nutrition and environmental toxins to Graves’ disease and autoimmunity. It explains what thyroid hormones need from you to work optimally and how to live well after the treatment for Graves’ disease.  It also talks about different causes of hypothyroidism and possible solutions. Topics discussed are:

  • My story
  • Thyroid
  • Thyroid hormones
  • Thyroid receptors
  • Facts about Graves’ disease
  • Other causes of hyperactivity of the thyroid gland
  • Effects of Graves’ disease on the body
  • Antibody types in Graves’ disease
  • Symptoms of Graves’ disease
  • Symptoms of hypothyroidism
  • Genetic predisposition to Grave’s disease
  • Relationship of thyroid and adrenal hormones
  • Personality traits and predisposition to Graves’ disease
  • Possible triggers
  • Diagnosis of Graves’ disease
  • Imbalances in thyroid hormones and psychological well being
  • Conventional Treatment of Graves’ disease
  • Holistic treatments for Graves’ disease
  • Risks associated with Graves’ disease
  • Eye problems
  • New developments in Graves’ disease treatment
  • Pregnancy and thyroid problems
  • Look at immunological processes
  • Possible pathways in generating autoimmunity to thyroid gland
  • The immune system imbalance and Graves’ disease
  • Life after thyroid surgery/ radioactive iodine treatment
  • Hormonal replacement therapy-discussion
  • Hormones imbalances with thyroid dysfunction
  • Other possible causes of hypothyroidism
  • Consequences of sub-optimal thyroid hormonal replacement
  • Peri menopause and low thyroid
  • How to live optimally after treatment for Graves’ disease
  • Self-checks
  • The patient-physician and personal relationships
  • References

Thyroid and Graves' Disease Unmasked Book, Hypothyroidism

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