Olive leaf may help with symptoms of hypothyroidism

Olive leaf extract may help with symptoms of hypothyroidism

Olive leaf extract was found to enhance thyroid function as it helps with the conversion of T4 into its active form T3. Therefore, it boosts the levels of T3. It was found to stimulate the thyroid gland in animal study (1) in a dose depended manner.

Olive leaf extract contains many health beneficial molecules including oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol and flavonoids (rutin), polyphenols (apigenin, luteolin) among others.

The molecule hydroxytyrosol in olive leaf was shown to inhibit pro-inflammatory molecules such as IL6 and TNF- alpha in mice studies (8) and in human studies (9, 10). It also reduces many other inflammatory molecules.

IL6 levels were found to be high in post- menopausal women with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (5). Also, a study in animals (6) showed that autoimmune thyroiditis could be prevented by blockade of IL6.  One of the problems in Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is the high level of inflammation which interferes with the conversion and action of thyroid hormones. Patients with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis are often on high doses of thyroid hormonal replacement. One of the reasons for that is to counteract the effects of inflammation in their bodies. Olive leaf extract may help to reduce these thyroid blocking molecules.

A study of Hashimoto’s patients (4) stated that: “These results are possibly attributable to the inhibitory effect of IL6 on deiodination of T3 and imply a role for IL6 in determining thyroxine replacement dose among these patients.”

Hydroxytyrosol in olive leaf is a powerful free radical scavenger, protecting the energy houses in cells called mitochondria. It is believed to be protective for the central nervous system. Other positive effects of olive leaf extract (among many others) are reported to be: reduction of blood pressure, anti-microbial and anti- bacterial, anti-fungal activities, anti-parasitic activities, anti-carcinogenic effects, lowering blood sugar and cholesterol, powerful anti-oxidant activities (believed to be more powerful than vitamin E), beneficial for cardiovascular system, eye health, helping with allergies, asthma, colds, protecting against UVB radiation, benefits for people with osteoporosis, benefits for some autoimmune disorders, anti-aging, helps to remove heavy metals such as lead from the body and energy increasing properties.

Olive leaf extracts are regarded to be quite safe. Effective dose of powdered leaf extract is likely to be 500-2,000 mg daily. It is available in capsules.

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