Consider drinking this juice if you have Graves’ disease.

Consider drinking this juice if you have Graves’ disease.

One of the helpful hints in my book: ’Thyroid and Graves ’disease unmasked’ is a recipe for a raw vegetable/fruit juice. This juice might help you feel better when you have Grave’s disease.


1/2 a bunch of parsley

1/2 of organic lemon (with skin)

1 small raw beetroot

1/2 of organic broccoli or if you cannot tolerate broccoli, substitute with 1 cup of raw kale

2 organic carrots

1 organic apple

1 small stick of celery

1 tea spoon of freshly ground flax-seeds

Wash very well, chop up and make juice in a juicer.

You can blend them all as well in a blender with addition of some spring water.

Here is why this juice might be helpful:

Parsley: rich in vitamins and minerals such as iron (often depleted in thyroid autoimmunity), it also contain Pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ), a molecule which helps with the repair of mitochondria, energy factories of cells. Mitochondrial dysfunction is connected to autoimmunity. Generally, eating any long, green leafy vegetables, in any form would increase methylated folate in the body, which reduces inflammation.

Lemon: Provides vitamin C and pectin- vitamin C supports adrenal function (adrenals often show some degree of exhaustion with autoimmunity), repairs iodine transporter in the thyroid gland (which can be dysfunctional), neutralizes excessive free radicals (problem connected with autoimmunity), important for collagen building. It is also vital for a proper synthesis of carnitine, which is essential for transport of fatty acids into the mitochondria to make energy (often depleted in Graves’ disease). It provides pectin (in the skin) for removal of toxins and excessive hormones.

Beetroot: it detoxifies liver, helps to remove bad form of estrogen from the liver and oxygenates the blood. Beets are important as they provide body with lots of methyl groups.

Broccoli is a star vegetable for Graves’ disease. Broccoli and kale are highly goitrogenic foods which slow down thyroid gland, great vegetables for detoxification of excessive hormones. Broccoli is rich in chromium mineral, important for sugar control. It contains uridine diphosphate, a molecule important in balancing of the immune system.

Carrots: Contain Beta carotene, which inhibits Bcl-2 gene, switched on in thyroid cells in Graves’ disease and thus balance the immune system, beta carotene is a precursors of vitamin A, often depleted in Graves’ disease.

Apple: provides some sweetness, minerals and vitamins and quercentin (in skin) which balances the immune system.

Celery: source of vitamins and minerals (especially vitamin K, which can be depleted in Grave’s disease), lowers inflammation and removes excessive estrogens from the body (common in Grave’s disease)

Flax seeds: provides essential omega fatty acids and can reduce inflammation and excessive action of thyroid hormone at the nuclear level.

Raw juices are great but it is best to start slow with raw juices, and not on an empty stomach. This juice is not suitable for young babies. Some people with previous problems (such as diverticulitis) or after bowel surgery need to be careful with raw juices, especially on empty stomach.




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